Unlawful Payment by Administrator

This case was based upon an Administrator’s long standing unlawful policy to by-pass estate administration when the deceased account owner had a trust. The law requires that assets that belong to a person that were not placed into the trust prior to the death of the trust creator can only pass to the trust through […]

Timely Determination of Claims

Choice Plus argued that the word “shall” in the law made it mandatory for the administrator to determine claims within a specific time. The administrator argued that the word “shall’ was merely a suggestion. The appellant court ruled the “shall” imposed a mandatory requirement on the administrator to determine claims pursuant to the law. The […]

Seven Failed Claim Attempts

The unclaimed property administrator had refused to pay claims due to it’s improper interpretation of the trust terms and trust laws. Choice Plus LLC eased the trustee’s anxieties in the case through their extensive knowledge, and anticipated that the administrator would indeed deny the claim. Shortly after the administrator received the appeal, the claim was […]

Creditor’s Rights

Choice Plus funded a legal battle for unclaimed property against the Administrator for refusal to pay Ms. O’Conner and Ms. Morgan unclaimed property that belonged to their ex-husbands. Their ex-husbands had skipped out on spousal & child support obligations. Morgan was permanently disabled when her ex-husband shot her 8 times and fled from justice for […]

Administrator can’t disregard court orders

In 2005, Mrs. Rigley died. In 2007, a Probate Court determined that Mrs. Rigley died with no known heirs and ordered the assets of the estate paid to the State’s Chief Financial Officer for deposit into the State School Fund. MRS. RIGLEY IN FACT HAD 10 HEIRS. The attorney engaged by Choice Plus reopened the […]