States go after unclaimed property, use it to patch budgets

The article below was released by Yahoo News on October 18th of this year. The information contained is vital regarding unclaimed property awareness. We believe that every individual has a right to reclaim their rightful property, which is why our services are designed to help innocent citizens recover assets that have been seized by the […]

Self Interest Trumps Unclaimed Property Rights

According to a 2015 California Legislative Analyst’s Office (“LAO”) report, unclaimed property is the fifth largest revenue source for the State of California.  This report also acknowledges the “tension” between State interests and an individual owner’s property rights. The term “Tension” does not fully capture the scope of the restrictions States have placed on the […]

Unclaimed Property Laws and How Dormancy Periods Affect Account Holders

In the year 2014, Pennsylvania suffered a large budget gap. Faced with an impending financial challenge, the legislature convened to find ways to increase state revenue. In an effort to reduce the budget deficit, the state took steps to tinker with their unclaimed property laws. They shortened dormancy periods for long-term hold investments and savings […]

Ms. O’Conner’s Case for Unclaimed Property and a New Precedent Set in Florida

In 2010, Ms. O’Conner came to Choice Plus LLC for assistance. She had an outstanding family support judgement against her ex-husband in the total of more than $177,000. In her efforts to recoup this money, O’Conner sought the help of Choice Plus, LLC to receive a partial payment of her judgment by claiming her husband’s […]

Infographic: Unclaimed Property And Restrictive State Laws

Across the United States, there are $56 billion of unclaimed property comprised of bank accounts, stock holdings, safety deposit boxes, and other personal property, waiting to be reclaimed by its rightful owners.  State governments are able to use unclaimed property while it remains unclaimed. It would make sense for states to be doing everything they can to help […]