Individual Testimonials

Why do we believe that we are the best? Over 85% of our clients provide a positive response to our voluntary unclaimed property recovery and inheritance distribution service survey. More than half of them take the time to write a handwritten note thanking Choice Plus and their Account Executives. The feedback is truly breathtaking and humbling.

Below are just a few of the comments and recommendations we receive from our clients.

Recovered for Barbara of Newton, Massachusetts: $27,973

Karen Hempfling was a pleasure to work with from start to finish, always professional and straight forward.

Read Barbara's handwritten comments.

Recovered for John of Alvin, Texas: $21,377

The personal help from Paula Douglas was exemplary… Paula, you were there when I needed you and knew just what to do.

Read John's handwritten comments.

Recovered for Carl of Hopkinsville, Kentucky: $135,429

My experience with Choice Plus was great. Thanks for the work y’all have done for me.

Read Carl’s handwritten comments.

Recovered for Earlene of Watertown, Massachusetts: $50,054

I would like to say Mario Cruz was so friendly explaining everything. … Please give this guys a big hug from me and my husband. I would recommend Mario Cruz and company to anyone who needs help in recovering their assets.

Read Earlene’s handwritten comments.

Recovered for John of Vacaville, California: $18,716

… I really believe that because of my past and in my semi-helpless situation that I was now the one being taken on some kind of cruel ride, but to my astonishment, Rachel and Choice Plus came through with the money…

My world has gone from dark and depressing to instantly comfortable and full of hope for freedom and a clean life.

Thank you Rachel and Choice Plus.

Read John’s handwritten comments.

Recovered for Marylee of Linden, Michigan: $30,955

Mr. Mario Cruz took the time to answer all my questions. He also kept in touch with me during the process.

Read Marylee’s letter of recommendation.

Recovered for James of Arlington, Virginia: $48,941

Alicia was fantastic in every way! She was informed, knowledgeable, and always pleasant to talk to. Would definitely recommend her to others.

Read James’s letter of recommendation.

Recovered for Jean of Safety Harbor, Florida: $11,936

Jess got the job done. He notified me constantly on the progress, did a professional job and most importantly to me never lied about any part of this procedure. He did what 8 agencies could not do.

Read Jean’s letter of recommendation.

Recovered for Rita of Sarasota, Florida: $43,496

Thank you for reminding me, through your honesty and integrity, that people are worthy of trust. That good things can come from places you least expect them. It would not have happened without you.

Read Rita’s letter of recommendation.

Recovered for Randy from Rumford, Maine: $23,887.64

It would not have happened without you.

Read Randy’s handwritten comments.

Recovered for Jesus of Lake Worth, Florida: $28,744

I was contacted by three companies offering the same service, but Choice Plus was the only one that listened and answered all my questions even before allowing them to serve me.

Read Jesus’ handwritten comments.

Recovered for Paolo of Abano Terme, Italy: $49,644

The service was convenient and risk-free.

Read Paolo’s handwritten comments.

Recovered for Doris of Virginia Beach, Virginia: $50,428

Choice Plus has proved outstanding in customer service, and communication. I have been through four different attorneys in the past ten years, all of whom have failed to collect on my judgments.

Read Doris’ letter of recommendation.

Recovered for Jeffrey of Trinidad & Tobago: $57,620

I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending Choice Plus to anyone.

Read Jeffrey’s handwritten comments.

Recovered for Lorrain from Quebec, Canada: $40,211

I cannot tell you how grateful I am by the service provided by your company…. The service was convenient and risk free.

Read Lorrain’s handwritten comments.

Recovered for Donna of North Conway, New Hampshire: $35,563

When I first got the call from Gale, I was very skeptical….After researching Choice Plus and the state of Florida website, I was confident that Gale was not trying to pull a fast on one us…. I appreciate all that Gale did for us….

Read Donna’s handwritten comments.

Recovered for Kenneth from Greenwich, Connecticut: $9,249

I was always aware of every step in the process, and the amount of time each step would take.

Read the Kenneth’s full testimonial.

Recovered for Virginia from Lake Worth, Florida: $56,012

I was very pleased with the service provided by Choice Plus. I was kept informed through the entire process in a very timely manner. I would recommend Choice Plus

Read Virginia’s handwritten comments.

Recovered for Albert from Melrose, Florida: $12,287

Choice Plus exceeded my expectations. I would recommend your company to anyone that may need your services.

Read Albert’s handwritten comments.

Myra from McMinnville, Tennessee recovered $25,794

My questions were always promptly answered and any mailings from Choice Plus always spelled out exactly what steps needed to be taken. I would be happy to be used as a reference.

Read Myra’s full recommendation.

Alvin from Saint Petersburg, Florida recovered $5,395

It was a pleasure doing business with your company.

Read Alvin’s handwritten comments.

Phyllis from Bartow recovered $28,973

Thank you so much for all the hard work involved.

Read Phyllis’ handwritten comments.

Kathleen and Jennifer from Tampa recovered $10,219

Choice Plus contacted us regarding money from an inheritance we were not aware of. In order to get the funds released they had to get certified copies of court records and death certificates from one state to probate property in another state. … They advanced all of the upfront costs for documents retrieval and the attorney who handled the probate. Choice Plus took care of everything. It was very convenient and risk free. Thanks Choice Plus.

Pamela from Crystal Lake, Illinois recovered: $10,350

I am a well educated professional, so I tried filing this on my own. I found that the people holding the money could not help me because the estate I am heir to had to be administered before they could release the money. Since probate had to be done outside the state I live in, I pretty much gave up. …Choice Plus contacted me and they… …took care of it all. The whole team provided great customer service; they are courteous, professional and knowledgeable.