Research Analysts

Jaymie Frederick

- Genealogist

Jaymie became a police officer in 1979, working in criminal identification. After a move to Montana in 1992, she became a private investigator, working primarily on adoption, missing persons, and heirship cases. During her free time she worked on her family tree, as well as assisting others in their genealogical quests. She was introduced to the unclaimed assets field in 2017 and provides deep genealogical research for Choice Plus.

Jaymie’s comment: “This type of work is so rewarding. Everyday, I have my choice of mysteries to solve, and I am part of a team of the best researchers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Beth Cummings

- Research Analyst

Beth was a licensed private investigator for over 20 years. She performed countless complex investigations and is highly skilled in conducting detailed fraud risk assessments in the private and public sectors. She also specialized providing families in need of adolescent transportation, getting their child to a safe and secure program throughout Florida and the US.

Beth always has a camera in her hand, capturing the Florida sunsets, Adirondack Mountains, people, wildlife either from the beach or out boating in Sarasota, FL. Beth is always working with her hands, making reclaimed furniture and remodeling her home. When she isn’t taking the time doing all that, her most cherished times are spent with her daughter, family and friends.

Kim Haskitt

- Genealogist

Kim combines her past experience and education as a journalist, private investigator, paralegal and genealogist to provide deep genealogy research for Choice Plus.

Kim is a graduate of the Genealogical Research certification program at Boston University. In her spare time, she loves to use genetic (DNA) genealogy to help reunite adoptees with their biological families.

Kim’s comment: “Choice Plus is very intriguing work, you just never know where the day’s research will take you. It’s also wonderful that sometimes when reuniting owners with their property, we end up reuniting families who have lost touch with one another.”

Laurel Levy

- Research Analyst

Laurel joined the Choice Plus LLC research team in late 2017 and brings with her 5+ years of customer service experience with 2 years of that focused on investigations. Laurel has a Bachelors Degree with a wide array of studies including Graphic Design, Linguistics and Foreign Studies. In her early college days, she taught English as a Second Language to Japanese college students and helped them adjust to life in the United States.

Laurel’s Comment “I love solving puzzles of any degree and every case is a puzzle within itself; connecting the dots is exciting! It’s the satisfaction of a job well done that really drives me, so researching and finding people in order to help reconnect them with their assets is a very fulfilling task. Knowing I have helped someone reclaim something that is theirs, and possibly making their life a little easier in the process, gives me a sense of purpose and happiness.”

Ailyn Maristela

- Research Analyst

Ailyn joined Choice Plus in 2008 and has over 15 years of experience as a customer service specialist in the medical industry.

Ailyn’s comment: “I love working for Choice Plus. The team we’ve assembled is truly a special group. The challenge of tracking down the rightful owners of unclaimed property is so rewarding, especially when I find someone who has no idea they have money coming to them.”

Debbie Pflueger

- Research Analyst

Debbie brings a unique solutions oriented mind set, effective communication and a tenacious personality to bear in her efforts locate unclaimed property owners and their heirs as well as evidence required to prove ownership.  Her skills have been developed through of years of experience in the medical industry, internet startups, and while investigating real estate investment opportunities for her former employers.

Debbie’s comment: “My extensive trace experience in Florida makes me a great fit for Choice Plus. I’m truly glad to be a productive member of the team here.”

Mackenzie Popovich

- Research Analyst

Mackenzie graduated with a B.A. in Political theory, where she honed in on the type of critical thinking it takes to problem solve and read in-between the lines when faced with complex information. She then went on to getting certified in Private Investigation where she was taught by some of the best in the Washington state area about skip-tracing and the fundamentals of productive investigation.

Mackenzie’s comment: “I have always had a passion for investigative work and searching for answers to problems. Choice Plus has allowed me to not only do something I am passionate about but also help people in the process. Choice Plus is genuine and diligent in getting the facts right in order to help reunite owners with their property and I am excited to be a part of team the team that does that.”

Cindy LaRosa

- Research Analyst

Prior to joining Choice Plus Cindy worked in mortgage processing and thrives on case files that lead her outside the U.S. where an understanding of different cultures and languages are integral to her success in locating people from all over the world.

Cindy’s comment: “Trace work can be so much fun, and so intriguing! I’ve tracked assets back to deposed dictators and drug lords. Every day brings new and fascinating stories. The work is exciting, and the Choice Plus team is something of a second family for me; I’ve never worked with a group with so much heart, love and integrity.”

Candee West

- Research Analyst

Candee is a skilled legal administrator and heirs-at-law researcher with more than 10 years experience as a project coordinator. She holds a B.A. in International Relations from the University of South Florida and a Paralegal Certificate from the University of Miami. As a volunteer Guardian ad litem, Candee enjoys advocating and providing a voice in court for abused and neglected children in Florida.

Candee’s comment: “I am delighted to work with the professional and compassionate team at Choice Plus. It is truly rewarding to combine research skills, legal experience, and critical thinking expertise to help reunite owners with their unclaimed property.”

Lisa Wondoloski

- Research Analyst

Having worked as a legal assistant for 30 years with attorneys who specialized in family law, real estate settlements and collections provides Lisa with an understanding of complex legal issues and a commitment to excellence.

Lisa is an avid genealogist who has traced her own family tree 11 generations. She has two wonderful adult sons and her other interests include reading, cooking, gardening and being outdoors.

Lisa’s comment: “I enjoy working with Choice Plus so much. I love the challenges this work entails and I have been so lucky to meet such wonderful people and to hear their stories. It’s such a great feeling to know you’ve played a part in helping people.”