Problems Claiming Your Unclaimed Property? We Can Provide The Documentation Vital to the Success of Your Claim

“The key to recovering unclaimed property isn’t finding it – it’s documenting the owner’s entitlement to the property. This is by far and away the most important part to getting paid.” – Randy Hotz, President of Choice Plus, LLC

It is often simple for many owners of unclaimed property to document to their ownership and successfully claim their unclaimed property without help. However, in many cases, the location of records establishing ownership or the judicial requirements for obtaining court orders establishing entitlement are challenging and costly to obtain.


Locating owners and heirs entitled to a deceased unclaimed property owner’s property can present challenges. Understanding how to respond with a request for additional information from the unclaimed property administrator once you have file your claim will be the difference between success and failure.

If you have run into challenges with your claim, Choice Plus, LLC can help you. We have decades of experience and the resources necessary to succeed, specifically in California and Florida. We’re able to successfully recover unclaimed property for our clients 98% of the time.

Consider the following questions and see if we’re describing a situation similar to the difficulties you’re experiencing. If you identify with these problems, give us a call to see how we can be of service to you. Our goal is to help our clients obtain the unclaimed property that they’re due.

1. Have you received a request for information from the State after you filed your claim that you are unsure of how to respond?

Florida and California will send these requests to unclaimed property claimants when they determine that the information provided is not sufficient to approve the claim. Requests may ask for documentation regarding a previous address, certified court or vital records, account statements, a last will and testament, or a trust. Oftentimes, owners cannot find or do not know how to obtain these forms of documentation. These are common challenges.

Numerous unclaimed property owners are stymied when they receive these letters from the State — they just don’t know where or how to find the requested documentation. Unfortunately, the State does not have the resources to provide the assistance you may need.

2. Are you having difficulties finding documents that establish your connection to your unclaimed property accounts?

Finding the documents necessary to prove your ownership to the State can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Do you need to provide a document that will establish your connection to a business, an old address, a bank account, an insurance policy, or a  retirement or investment account? Do you know what type of documentation will be accepted by the State?

These types of records are considered key connecting documents and are the most commonly sought forms of documentation required by Florida and California unclaimed property administrators.

Perhaps you are aware of what type of documentation you need to prove that you are the owner of the unclaimed property, but you’re having difficulty acquiring the documentation.

Choice Plus has decades of experience finding and obtaining the documents our clients need to support their unclaimed property claims.

3. Have you had trouble establishing that you are an heir of an estate or beneficiary of a trust that has unclaimed property?

You’ve found unclaimed property that belongs to someone who has died and you are entitled to receive from their estate. However, the State has sent you a letter stating that the estate requires administration in order to obtain court orders proving your inheritance rights. Or, you learn that there are other heirs that must be found in order for the court to allow administration to continue. Perhaps one or more of the heirs refuses to cooperate, holding up administration and distribution of the estate.

Are you having trouble finding the original last will and testament or the trust instrument? Do you lack the funds necessary to pay the court and an attorney to administer the estate?

These are common challenges heirs and trust beneficiaries face when they attempt to claim the unclaimed property of a deceased owner. Choice Plus, LLC is skilled in locating heirs, finding missing documents such as wills and trusts, and in assisting with carrying out the duties required to complete estate administration.

At Choice Plus, LLC, we are devoted to helping our clients succeed in recovering unclaimed property that they rightfully own. We advance our capital to pay for attorneys, court filing fees and other costs needed to prove your entitlement to your unclaimed property. If our efforts fail, you owe us nothing, and you are not required to reimburse us for capital we advanced on your behalf. Contact us for more information or to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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