Account Executives

Keegan Bennett

- Account Executive

Keegan brings to Choice Plus a variety of different skill sets learned from many sectors he has worked in over the past 15 years including sales, customer service, social work, transportation and logistics. His curiosity for solving complex issues is what makes his day a successful one.

“I like to say that customer service is my middle name!” When not working, he enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking, writing and spending quality time with his family and friends.

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Lars Boman

- Account Executive

Lars is a native of Sweden who grew up in Saudi Arabia and currently resides in Oregon. He brings to Choice Plus 10 years of experience assisting clients and building relationships in the aviation support and auto industries. Lars is excited in being able to help people be reunited with assets that are rightfully theirs.

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Mario Cruz

- Account Executive

Mario has worked for successful companies such as Nordstrom, Lexus and Hyundai for a combined 31+ years. Along with emphasis on sales, product knowledge and customer service, he brings his ability to listen and create a relationship with our clients.

Mario’s Comment: “I want to establish trust with my clients and use Choice Plus’ vast experience in getting what is rightfully theirs in their hands.”

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Paula Douglas

- Account Executive

Paula brings to Choice Plus many years of experience in customer service and sales from the insurance industry. Her goal is to reunite people with the funds to which they are entitled. When not working to bring funds and people together, she enjoys playing board games with her family and romping through the snow with her sled dog.

Paula’s Comment: “I am thrilled to work for a world-class operation. Choice Plus has a tremendous team that combines exceptional service and outstanding knowledge to work successfully on behalf of our clients.”

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Berenda Fink

- Account Executive

Berenda joined Choice Plus in early 2008 bringing with her over a decade of professional experience in marketing, customer service and sales in the gaming industry.  Berenda’s intellect and calm demeanor allow her to connect with individuals and professionals across the globe.  She and her husband are also small business owners.

Berenda’s comment: “The education I received from Choice Plus in areas of law, business, estates, and bureaucracy has been extensive and key to our clients successful fund recoveries.”

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Karen Hempfling

- Account Executive

As a naval officer’s wife, Karen has had the opportunity to live in many different cities and experience a variety of employment opportunities. Karen has a strong finance background with eight years as a government compliance officer, an owner of a successful online business and 12 years with a management and accounting office. The past four years she has worked with an investor group servicing loans. Karen brings a maturity and understanding of differing life circumstances that is beneficial to heirs and owners of unclaimed property.

Karen’s Comments: “Choice Plus LLC is a leader in its field providing outstanding associate training to insure a trustworthy professional experience from beginning to end from a company you can completely trust. You will be kept well informed throughout the process to get your funds released as quickly as possible. If you have questions, please call.”

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Dermot Leen

- Account Executive

Dermot is a native of Ireland. He has considerable experience assisting clients with recovery of funds held by government custodians. Dermot has over 10 years experience as an elementary school teacher.

Dermot has shown himself as a highly-motivated and committed professional with a hint of Irish charm.

Dermot’s comment: “From the outset, my goal is to team up with you to deliver a win/win solution that caters specifically to you.”

Phone: (941) 800-1226   -   EMail:

Damian Johnson

- Account Executive

Damian is originally from Washington State and has worked as an Information Technology specialist, Project Manager, Account Manager and CIO for companies through out the Pacific Northwest. Damian has a passion for customer service and and making order from chaos.

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Robert Nocito

- Account Executive

Rob earned a BA in Economics from Rutgers University. He gained 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing and HR serving the Mortgage, IT and energy industries. He is a former small business owner, active Real Estate investor and an avid skier.

To my clients: “I will be honest and transparent with your claim. We will use all our vast resources to get what is rightfully yours.”

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Javier Ortiz

- Account Executive

Javier joined Choice Plus with over 15 years of customer service. He brings the human touch to Choice Plus with intellect, kindness and a great sense of humor, all without compromising the trust, respect and professionalism that Choice plus is proud of. Javier holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and has pursued continued education in Information Technology (IT) and medical field. He has earned a Cisco Network certification and NBMI certification in the medical field. Being bilingual facilitated him to excel in different positions held such as IT support and medical interpreter.

Javier’s comment: “I am determined to provide the best service possible for our clients. Working with Choice Plus, the best company in the industry keeps me motivated for years to come.”

Phone: (630) 796-4225   -   EMail:

Yvonne Wiemken Ray

- Account Executive

With over 11 years of experience selling real estate in the southern California area, Yvonne brings her commitment to the highest level of customer service to Choice Plus. In my personal life and professional life I have always strived for a high level of integrity to shine through.

Yvonne’s comment: “Working with Choice Plus has enabled me to help people all over the world receive what lawfully belongs to them. My work is rewarding in so many ways from bringing families together, fulfilling a loved one’s last wishes or just taking a difficult process and making it effortless with real results. My goal is to earn your trust, keep you informed all the way through the process and lastly, get you the assets as quickly as possible.”

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Gale Reid

- Account Executive

Choice Plus LLC began business back in 2007 and we are happy to say, Gale has been here since the beginning. During this time, with the help of our amazing staff, she has recovered over $13 million dollars for hundreds of people.

Gale works hard to build trust, knowledge and go the extra mile for her clients. She focuses on making the process of recovering funds, which can be complex and time consuming, as comfortable and easy as possible. She is always available to answer questions and if she does not know the answer, you can bet she will get it. Her ultimate goal is to get the job done for you and add value to your life.

Gale’s comment: “Since working at Choice Plus, I have helped many amazing people and I have gained more than “clients”, I have gained friends.”

Phone: (559) 410-8606   -   EMail:

Carlos A. Ruiz

- Account Executive

Born and raised in Colombia S.A., Carlos holds Bachelor’s degrees in Law and Business Administration from Colombia and a post-graduate specialization studies In International Management from Capilano University, British Columbia, Canada.

His professional experience covers different fields: Internal Auditor for the Caldas Cattle Fund in Manizales, Colombia; Exports Manager for The Quaker Oats Co. in Colombia and running his own Legal practice along as working as a Professional Translator until he moved to Canada.

His educational background, executive experience and certification as a professional translator are the basis of his Canadian citizenship. Choice Plus first approached Carlos in his capacity as a translator. Carlos now heads up the Latin clients base taking advantage of his bilingual skills. Carlos takes enormous pride in his job as an Account Executive serving all clients with devotion and certainty that our services will deliver benefits to them.

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Kimberly Voegeli Treece

- Account Executive

Kim joined Choice Plus in 2009. She was formerly employed by a Florida attorney and brings 25 years of experience as a paralegal with an emphasis in probate administration, wills, trust and real estate. Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from The University of South Florida.

Kim’s comment: “The legal aspects of unclaimed property can be very interesting and complex, every case is different. I enjoy working with such a great team of people at Choice Plus, LLC.”

Phone: (360) 639-8668   -   EMail:

Wendy Sevieri

- Account Executive

In July 2017 Wendy joined the Choice Plus team, eager to learn and grow. In 2016, she graduated from Skagit Valley College with an Associates in Business Management. Wendy loves working for Choice Plus because of the integrity, value, trust and heart that each person in the team puts forward on a daily basis.

Wendy’s Comment: “This team is absolutely incredible and I love seeing how we all work together to help people in the real world to better themselves and finally obtain the money they may not have even known about in the first place.

Learning about our clients and their situations is so rewarding when we can truly help them. I love this job and the people I work with. While I am away from my desk, I love being with my 2 amazing children and my wonderful husband.”

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